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21-year-old drug addict was detained by customs officers of Bendery Customs house at the customs check point Bendery (Causeni) in the course of customs control (Transdniestrian-Moldavian border). The detainee crossed the border as a passenger of “Reno-Megan” and attempted to transport phytogenic narcotic from Moldova to Transdniestria.
The declaration form filled in by the young man contained information that he did not have any prohibited goods. The detainee confirmed the indicated information during preliminary interrogation. But inspector called into question the declared particulars; therefore the personal examination procedure was carried out. As it was revealed, the man concealed in the sleeve of his jacket two plastic bags with 20 newspaper parcels contained milled green phytogenic mass smelled like cannabis. The criminal case was instituted on the fact of drug smuggling.

The officers of department on fight against smuggling of Bendery customs house note that the number of cases related to illicit circulation of drugs and drastic substances has significantly increased from the beginning of the year. In March 2013 6 of such offences were detected in the area of Benderу Customs house: 4 facts related to transportation of “Rinostop” prohibited in the territory of Transdniestria, and 2 facts of illicit importation of marijuana from the Republic of Moldova. As experts comment, this trend is connected with enhanced work of operational units and inspectors at the border.

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