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The requirement of time and the international standards is the developed customs infrastructure. Together with modern information technology it serves economic interests of the state, reliable customs control, acceleration of customs procedures and trade simplification.
The program of development of customs service of the TMR for 2006-2008 in the sphere of development of customs infrastructure is executed completely. For the specified period the modern customs modules have been erected on 9 check points of Rybnitsa and Tiraspol customs. Today it is safe to say that customs authorities of the TMR have the developed infrastructure.

The customs service reacts sensitively to any changes of foreign trade activities, including change of goods turnover. The customs check point “Kaushany” became an indicative example. It is entered into the structure of Bendery customs and is located at exit from Bendery in direction of the town of Kaushany, Republic Moldova.

Andrey Ljushin, inspector of the customs control post of “Kaushany” of Bendery customs, marks – the majority of the goods moved through this post are cargoes of the economic agents of the TMR who go to Kaushany for the repeated customs registration, in connection with known change by Moldova and Ukraine of rules of customs registration of the Transnistrian cargoes. It is necessary to say that such situation has considerably complicated work of economic agents of the TMR. Today about 1000 units of automobile, truck and passenger vehicle crosses the post for a day. It is needed to notice that the volume of carriages constantly increases. Thus for eight months 2008 on a post 1279 transport sheets have been issued, and for the same period in 2007 – only 645 transport sheets.

Considering a current situation, in 2007-2008 the State Customs Committee of the TMR management has given a special attention to consolidation of the customs check point “Kaushany”, and also to development of its technical and material equipment. Recently here the new customs module has been put into operation. The modern computer equipment which has included check point into a uniform information network of the State Customs Committee is established in this customs module.

All motor transport crossing border on this area is registered by a hardware-software complex “Potok”. The modern equipment of customs check point has allowed customs officers to carry out the control at higher qualitative level. And last year, on the eve of the 15-th anniversary from the date of establishment of the TMR customs authorities, the Bendery customs officers and employees of local branch of State Unitary Enterprise «Customs broker» have moved to a new building.

Today the staff of Bendery customs, – the deputy chief Nikolay Dutkin states, – carries out its activity in the conditions corresponding to modern requirements. The unit is equipped by the newest computer technics and communication facility that has allowed to raise considerably efficiency of all divisions of customs and to create necessary conditions for work of economic agents and customs applicants.

The administrative building of the State Customs Committee of the TMR became the important factor of formation of customs infrastructure of the Transnistrian region. During about ten years this building represented the ruins which disfigure the centre of the Transnistrian capital. It has received a new image with a help of forces and means of customs service, having got the status of the analytical centre.

The social problems connected with the observance of rules of work organization have not stood aside also. The design decision of this modern building, which has been developed by architects and engineers together with representatives of the State Customs Committee of Transnistria, has allowed not only to involve available labour and information resources of service, but also to raise an overall performance of all divisions. Thanks to thought-out tactics of formation of customs infrastructure the State Customs Committee of Transnistria management has provided the implementation of the perspective directions of the further development and service modernisation as a whole.

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