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The incident relating to violating procedure for weapon transportation has taken place on Transdniestrian-Ukrainian border at the customs check point “Pervomaysk”
In the course of customs examination procedure of a motor car that entered Transdniestria from Ukraine, customs officer detected a 9 mm caliber pistol BERKUT (PM) inside of a car, hunting knife – in the car boot, and charger containing 8 traumatic cartridges – inside the armrest of the car. The owner of the items assured customs officer that he had just forgotten the arsenal in his car when leaving for his transborder trip. The man had the required permit to carry a firearm issued by state authorities of Ukraine. He admitted violating weapon transportation procedure as he did not declare his pistol to customs.

In compliance with the existing legislation the administrative report was drawn up on the fact of non-declaring. The pistol was sent for expert examination the results of which will predetermine the need for instituting criminal case.

In its turn the State Customs Committee of Transdniestria reminds that in accordance with Regulation on customs clearance and customs control procedure for civil and service weapon and cartridges transported across the border of TMR, and Regulation on procedure for transportation of goods by physical persons across the border of TMR residents of Transdniestria are allowed to carry weapons across the border on the ground of a permit issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Transdniestria, the declaration procedure is obligatory. Non-resident of Transdniestria are not allowed to import all types of civil and service weapons and cartridges if other is not stipulated by international agreements of Transdniestria and other acts of law.

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