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We will bring the basic result of that multiplane, system work which was spent by employees of customs bodies of the TMR during two years of realization of the Program of development of customs service. Its performance has allowed to realize a strategic target connected with increase of efficiency of customs administration and with creation of favorable conditions for participants of foreign trade activities at the expense of improvement of quality of given services. Within the limits of this work the perfection of technologies of customs activity, the automation of processes of the customs control and customs registration, the introduction of the advanced information technology, the perfection of forms and methods of the customs control, the perfection of dataware and the development of customs infrastructure have been carried out. All stages of realization of the Program were carried out simultaneously and the management of the State Customs Committee of the TMR resumed made work and amended periodically.
In spite of the fact that financing of all perspective directions was made exclusively from means of the State Customs Committee what caused a lot of problems, thanks to correctly selected priorities the rates of development of service have not been lost. The system approach at realization of the planned affairs has allowed the stage-by-stage transition of divisions of the State Customs Committee into qualitatively new level of the organization of customs affairs in Transnistria to carry out and a basis for the further development of customs bodies at least for 5-7 years to put. Therefore Transnistrian customs officers look confidently in the future. Finally all this factors will promote the development of foreign trade of the Transnistrian Moldavian Republic, the increase in the foreign trade turnover and volumes of the customs payments transferred to the republican budget. Not less important that fact that the realization of the planned prospects of development will allow customs service of the TMR to perform the functions of protection of the economic sovereignty and economic safety of the Transnistrian Moldavian Republic more effectively.

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