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Information technologies introduced in Transdnistrain customs bodies has become an efficient assistant for customs officers of law-enforcement units of State Customs Comittee of Transdnistrian Moldavian Republic. The next step in this direction was taken in April of current year when the program module “Infringers of customs and criminal legislation” was put into action with the view of implementation the Order of the State Customs Committee of Transdnistria of 24 November 2005 № 368 “On approval the Conception of risk  management system in customs bodies of Transdnistrian Moldavian Republic”.
Introduction of this program module on customs check points gave the opportunity for customs officers of the State Customs Committee of Transnistria  to receive on-the-fly the information on citizens which has infringed customs rules or has commited the crime in the field of customs system.The technology of operation with electronic database is maximum improved; thanks to this fact one can get to know the file number, date of detection of the violation and the articles of Customs Code and Criminal Code which have been infringed by the citizen.
In practice this system operates in the following way: on the customs check point when exercising customs control over the citizens moving across the border the line inspector checks by this database if the person was called to account for customs offences or to criminal liability in the field of customs system. In case of revealing of the information on the citizen in the database “Infringers of customs and criminal legislation” reasoning from the information received the line inspector may decide on closer examination of goods and means of transport, moving aross the customs border of Transdnistrian Moldavian Republic, to the extent of extraordinary form of the customs control – personal examination.
Information on the infringers comes to the database of program module “Infringers of customs and criminal legislation” from the electronic journals “Registration of customs offences” and “Registration of criminal cases”.
But to except the abuse of information the Order of the State Customs Committee of Transdnistrian Moldavian Republic of 10 April 2009 № 97 establishes that all the information in the program module “Infringers of customs and criminal legislation” is the office information and must not be divulged or used for personal purposes by customs officers or handed over to the third party or to the state structures.

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