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In recent years the volume of world commodity circulation increases faster than the world production volume. External economic links has become the important factor of economic growth. It is the factor which determines the state of national economy, and this tendency will become stronger in future.
Under conditions of enhancing integration of Transdniestria into the world market the impact of foreign trade on country’s economic development grows more and more. Modern economic development of our Republic is impossible without active export/import activity, without attraction of foreign capital. That’s why the special role in public administration system is given to the customs bodies as a dynamically developing system.
The priority direction in activity of the State Customs Committee of Transdnistrian Moldavian Republic is the assistance in solving of the most complicated problems in regulation of foreign economic activity and protection of economic interests of the Republic. And one of the main vectors has become the analytic work of the customs bodies which have to estimate the situation adequately in foreign economic activity as well as to form sound and balanced policy aimed at improving the efficiecy of customs clearance and customs control wnen the Customs is limited in its sources and is required to provide the effective procedure of customs control.
Under these conditions the State Customs Committee of Transdnistrian Moldavian Republic carries out purposeful work to develop intellectual component of customs system that meets the world tendency of customs control development contained in the WCO International Convention on the Simplification and Harmonization of Customs Procedures.
Decision making support system based on processing and analysis of data as the element of customs management system is claimed by customs administration as well as by customs staff. It is nessesary for customs administration to make sound administrative decisions and essential for customs staff in improving professional skills, automation of routine operations and increasing the work efficiency.
The implementation of decision making support system in operation of customs bodies fosters the reduction in time required for customs control, transparency and predictability of customs procedures for foreign trade participants and development of partnership between the Customs and business. Decision making support system developed by officers of department on information and servicing of the State Customs Committee of Transdnistrian Moldavian Republic effectively solves the tasks of multivariate analysis of aggregated data providing the new level of the analysis. It is characterised by functional completeness, good architectural structure, efficient production and it is claimed by users.

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