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Officers of the customs check point “Pervomaysk” (Transdniestrian – Ukrainian border) detained a passenger attempted to take out illegally from Transdniestria more than 2.5 million RF rubles.
According to customs statistics the number of customs offences connected with non-declaring of goods amounts to 45% of the total number of customs offences detected by officers of the State Customs Committee of Transdniestria. This figure includes the facts of non-declaring of cash moved across the customs border of Transdniestria.

In the course of customs control of the passengers of the regular bus “Bendery-Odessa” inspector proposed to declare goods and money that subject to declaring in writing. But nobody did that. During customs spot checks carried out on x-ray equipment one of the passengers looked much nervous that drew inspector’s attention. Consequently the customs offence report was drawn up on the fact of non-declaring of cash. The revealed money was seized and subject to expertise in expert criminalistics center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Transdniestria. 

Specialists of the expert criminalistics center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Transdniestria recognized the seized notes authentic. Taking into consideration the large amount of cash and the circumstances of the violation the criminal case was instituted on the fact of smuggling. The investigation is ongoing.

According to customs regulations of Transdniestria, cash taken out from Transdniestria shall be declared in writing if the amount exceeds 10 000 USD (or its equivalent in other currencies). In case of exceeding the owner of the money has to produce to customs import declaration or the export permit issued by authorized bank where the currency has been withdrawn from an account or bought.

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