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Customs administrations all over the world due to specifics of their activity have always been on the frontline in combatting illicit trafficking of drugs. Transdniestrian Customs Service is not an exception.

Number of criminal cases instituted by Transdniestrian customs bodies in 2011 on the facts of drug trafficking amounted to 41% of the total number of opened cases, the main source of contraband remains the Republic of Moldova. In accordance with statistics, phytogenic drugs constitute the major part in illicit circulation of narcotics, but there are also cases related to smuggling of hard drugs, including heroin.

2-kuritIn combating against penetration of drugs into the territory of Transdniestria customs officers use all available methods, such as investigation and search operations, involving sniffer dogs and strengthening control measures in the customs check points.

Analysis of current situation in the area of illicit drugs circulation has revealed some alarming trends. Drug addicts and distributors after facing with impossibility to bring in narcotics from neighbouring countries to Transdniestria tend to manufacture synthetic drugs from legally sold medicines. According to physicians these drugs have a destructive impact on digestive tract, liver and kidneys.

In the judgment of the management of Department on struggle against smuggling and customs offences of the State Customs Committee customs officers’ ability to pursue a preemptive tactic is an important guarantee of successful counteracting illicit drug circulation. As an example, recently law enforcement departments of Transdniestrian Customs Service have taken preventive measures in relation to importation and distribution of smoking mixes within the territory of Transdniestria. Carried out operation had a significant effect and now smoking mixes use cases are very rare and single in Transdniestria.

Active cooperation between all enforcement agencies of the Republic remains an important tool in combatting distribution of drugs. This position is shared by officers of the State Customs Committee as well as by Ministry of Internal Affairs of Transdniestria who exchange of information on a permanent basis. Thanks to timely provided information by officers of department on struggle against smuggling of Dubossary Customs house to Grigoriopol internal affairs unit and as a result of joint operation illegal activity of organized group distributed narcotics within the territory of Dubossary and Grigoroipol region of Transdniestria was successfully stopped. In the course of operation customs officers and policemen have revealed not only phytogenic drugs but harder narcotics such as cocaine.

2-shpricThanks to well-coordinated activity of Dubossary Customs house and Dubossary internal affairs unit, one more organized group was detained, participants of which committed a number of drug-related crimes and tried to hide out from the police. One of the detainees organized a den for drug addicts where pervitin had been manufactured from medicines. Against the men involved criminal case was opened, investigation is in process.

There are quite a lot examples of efficient cooperation between law enforcement agencies of Transdniestria, and this course of activity is regarded as one of the perspective. In whole struggle against drug addiction and drug dealing includes a set of various measures. Different state authorities and public organizations take part in their implementation. Customs Service of Transdniestria has been making its contribution to society protection against threats of illicit circulation of drugs for almost 20 years preventing penetration of drugs into the territory of Transdniestria.

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