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The State Customs Committee of Transdniestria records the sustained attempts of illicit trafficking of drugs from the Republic of Moldova to Transdniestria. In compliance with customs statistics 13 of 15 criminal cases related to smuggling from Moldova in 2014 (detected by customs bodies), pertain to drug smuggling.
The recent drug trafficking case was detected by customs inspector at the customs check point “Bendery (Chausani)”, Moldavian-Transdniestrian border. In the course of customs control over car moved from Moldova the inspector noticed that a 20-year old passenger of the car didn’t feel right. Passenger’s trembling and cloudy roving eyes pointed at probability of drug intoxication.

The inspector decided to conduct more detailed customs examination resulted in revealing of three paper sachets with green vegetal mass, supposedly Cannabis. The further expert examination proved officer’s supposition.

The passenger confessed that he acquired cannabis in Chausani (the Republic of Moldova) for personal use. Having used drugs he made his way to Bendery by passing car. The officers of Bendery Customs instituted criminal case on the fact of drug smuggling.

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