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Customs officers blocked channel for ethyl alcohol smuggling

Customs officers blocked channel for ethyl alcohol smuggling

Operational officers of Dubossary Customs House broke up a steady channel used for smuggling ethyl alcohol from Moldova to Ukraine in transit through Pridnestrovie.

Relying on operational information customs officers seized a half a ton of these excisable goods from the citizen of the Republic of Moldova who drove in transit through Pridnestrovie. The officers ascertained that a man transported an illicit cargo from the territory of Moldova to Pridnestrovie having bypassed an established customs check points (he drove along the rural road near the village of Pogrebya, Dubossary raion).

The consignment was intended for Ukrainian customer therefore it was to be illegally delivered to this neighboring state. Supposedly, all seized 19 canisters had to be thrown over the ditch dug by Ukraine at the border with Pridnestrovie.

This illegal scheme is not new. Pridnestrovian customs officers repress from time to time ethyl alcohol smuggling channels made by efforts of bootleggers from Moldova and Ukraine. Cheap alcohol from Moldova (not cleared by customs) is a profitable raw material for manufacturing counterfeit spirits at the territory of Ukraine. Representatives of the Border Guard Service of Ukraine also state that such illegal manufactures are regularly revealed.

Thanks to Pridnestrovian customs officers’ efforts one more illegal channel was blocked. The case on administrative offence was opened against the citizen of the Republic of Moldova. The examination of the incident is in process.

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