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00000850The system of customs control requires of the multiplanned approach. That ` s why the customs services all over the world are actively start using the ultra-modern computer technologies with the view to make it more effective. However, they don`t refuse from the help of the four-legged assistants – war-dogs. The heads of State Customs Committee of Dniester Moldavian Republic (SCC of DMR) are also considering the direction of customs services development as a perspective. A cynologist group is a part of the Department on smuggling and customs rules violation of SCC. Two years ago the cynologist group was filled up with the English cocker-spaniel assistants.
All over the world, this bread of dogs was considered as the most fit for realization of customs examination in the salons of the passenger busses, carriages and cars. As the instructor of the cynologist group of the Department on smuggling and customs rules violation division Serghei Smirnov told the war dogs, trained by the specialists mastered successfully the complete course of the education and can recognize some kinds of drugs and also continue the process of gained knowledge learning.
One of the most important problems is a question about the rise in usage efficiently the war-dog`s activity on the boundaries. In this connection the leaders of SCC set a question about the building of the temporal places for dogs immediately on the customs check-points. It was decided to use collapsible designs, which projects have been designed yet with the view not to make open-air cages on every post. The specialists started its realization.

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