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The State Customs Committee of Transdniestria gives a significant consideration to development and introduction into everyday practice of up-to-date information technologies allowing optimize and simplify customs procedures. In the framework of this direction specialists of the Customs Committee have launched one of the perspective projects – “Goods declaration via the Internet” for individuals conducting business activity. The first customs declaration completed through this system was submitted to customs at the customs check point “Pervomaysk” (Transdniestrian-Ukrainian border).

Individual entrepreneurs transporting commercial commodities constitute a major category of persons who declare goods at customs check points. With a view of simplifying the process of customs clearance and eliminating any delays relating to completing documents for customs purposes the State Customs Committee has developed the automated system “Goods declaration via the Internet”. Following the system testing with participation of economic operators of Transdniestria the first declaration completed through this system was registered.

td_internet3With the help of this system an entrepreneur having an Internet access fills in electronic goods declaration before crossing the border. After arriving at a customs check point he can change the particulars in his e-declaration if necessary and informs officers of his intention to submit goods declaration to customs. The paper copy of a declaration is printed at a customs check point and after paying payments lodged by declarant to customs officers with supporting commercial and transport documents.

The first experience of declaring goods with use of the system “Goods declaration via the Internet” was an success. Economic operators participated in launching of the system noted that the system allowed them significantly reduce the time required for completing goods declaration and speed up border crossing procedure. The introduced system facilitates the process of filling in goods declaration: it determines goods nomenclature code in accordance with description of goods, calculates automatically duties and taxes payable, gives an advance notice about required licenses and permits. And another advantage for enterpreneurs: goods declared with use of the system “Goods declaration via the Internet” are cleared by customs at first priority.

The introduction of such information technologies into customs practice meets international standards in customs area and complies with the guideline aimed at simplification the border crossing procedure determined by the president of the Republic as priority.

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