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Customs and railway representatives from Transdniestria and Moldova met in Bendery customs house to discuss the issues of full resumption of rail freight traffic. In compliance with accords reached at the highest political level on enhancement activity in this direction participants of expert groups have considered technical aspects of possible cooperation schemes and have determined the plan for further joint work.

The key purpose of the convened meeting was to elaborate mutually acceptable collaboration mechanism in the framework of confidence building measures equitable to the economic interest of both parties. Special attention was focused on organization of joint customs control over rail freights. Experts from Tiraspol and Chisinau have expressed their positions and concerns in this regard.

jd3- All that we implement at border crossing point Briceni-Rossoshany with Ukraine – this is a classical example of joint customs control performed under the aegis of EUBAM. The same principles we implement when carrying out join control with Romania. So we consider these principles to be used as a basis for our joint work, the representative of Moldavian Customs Service noted.

In the course of the working discussion between customs and railway experts from both banks of the Dniester river representatives of Transdniestrian customs service have brought to the attention of Moldavian colleagues that the governing principles in operation of joint control must be the parity in joint performance of customs procedures as well as the need of strong observance of customs and tax law of both sides – Transdniestria and Moldova. It was emphasized that priority for Transdniestrian side was to ensure the interests of Transdniestrian economic operators. Let’s remind that one of the initiators of joint control organization were the manufacturers from Rybnitsa – MMZ and Rybnitsa cement plant. Therefore customs service of Transdniestrian Moldavian Republic arranged its work in this direction taking into account foreign trade participants’ opinion.

 As resulted from preliminary work, in the course of the meeting, experts have agreed to work out a pilot draft of technological scheme for joint control performance on the basis of railway station Bendery-2.

Taking into account the adopted decision and positions expressed by the sides, representatives of customs services of Transdniestria and Moldova have considered the possibility of single customs control zones and organization of customs and railway operations in accordance with one-stop and single window principles but with a glance of regional specifics. Customs experts of Transdniestria have also raised a point on opening of international railway stations and the issue of information exchange organization on railway freights destined for the sides.

The participants of the working expert group have agreed to analyze views and concerns expressed by the sides during the meeting and to prepare their further proposals on resolving the discussed problem.


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