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Gifts from France: weapon, cartridges, icons

Gifts from France: weapon, cartridges, icons

Customs officers of Bendery Customs House found large quantities of items which required special import authorization. The undeclared consignment was detected during customs control of the vehicle driving to Pridnestrovie from the Republic of Moldova.

In response of the inspector’s question about goods subject to written declaration, prohibited and restricted goods the driver of the van responded in the negative. In the course of the examination customs officers revealed in the van six boxes and a bag which according to the driver were sent from France for his relative.

Among undeclared used items inspectors found 90 cartridges of various calibers, gun locks, gun tube, backsight, buttstock, 7 bayonets and knives, 5 icons, 26 coins, medals, almost 200 items of cutlery, bijouterie, 30 cuff links and buttons, 14 kinds of watches (pocket watches, wrist watches, mantelpiece clocks) and many other items of the XIX-XX centuries.

It must be pointed out that lately it was not the first time that officers of Bendery Customs House prevent illicit movement of items identified as antiques. This time, however, the consignment contained also ammunition, cold weapon and firearms. The administrative offence report was drawn up against the driver. All items were submitted for art and ballistic examination. Depending on the results a final decision on qualification of this offence will be taken.

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