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For Dniester customs officers there is a kind tradition to visit the international exhibitions of customs service in Moscow on the eve of Day of the Russian customs officer. This year the visit became the ninth and its motto was «Customs and business – a new stage of interaction».
Studying of directions of information-technical policy FCS (Federal Customs Service) of the Russian Federation, means of the customs control, and also development of systems of customs registration of the goods moved through customs border was one of the primary goals of representatives of the customs bodies of Dniester Moldavian Republic who visited the international exhibition «Customs service-2008».
The Moscow exhibition became not simply a platform for demonstration of results and achievements in work of the Russian customs, but also that place where all conditions for serious business communication of its participants and visitors have been created. Representatives of the State Customs Committee of Dniester Moldavian Republic had possibility to take part in «round tables» in the basic directions of work of divisions FCS, in thematic conferences on difficult questions of foreign trade activities. The program of actions has been aimed at more intensive cooperation between business and customs bodies, at an exchange of experience between the organizations from the various countries of the world, carrying out an activity in the field of customs business.
Besides, thanks to participation in this forum, residents of Transdniestria have received unique possibility for communication with colleagues from Russia and the countries of near and far abroad, with developers of the advanced means of the customs control and the software. The negotiations with the developer of a hardware and software complex of recognition of car numbers “Uragan” have taken place. Novelty research has revealed a variety of the aspects denoting its obvious advantage over nowadays functioning on Dniestr border of hardware and software complex “Potok”. “Uragan” unlike an out-of-date complex “Potok” is made on more modern client-server platform. The basic problems which have not been solved in the program “Potok”, have been successfully solved in system “Uragan”. And this is a problem of storing and processing of information, work with orientations and notices, recording and diagnosing of work of system.
On the basis of the received information representatives of customs service of Dniester Moldavian Republic study a question of suitability of stage-by-stage introduction of hardware and software complex “Uragan”. During negotiations technical questions of installation, adjustment and system service, and also questions of purchase of the equipment and the software were discussed with its developers.
One of the basic directions of the exhibition « Customs service-2008 »has been dedicated to interaction of customs structures and participants of foreign trade activities. The most part of exhibitors has been presented to broker companies, and also to software developers for participants of foreign trade activities. The model of voluntary preliminary informing along with participation of customs brokers and customs bodies became the most interesting novelty of this year. Difference of this model from system of preliminary informing on which Frame standards of the WTO are based, consists in interaction between customs and participant of foreign trade activities at intermediary of customs brokers. According to the offered scheme the foreign broker hands over the necessary information to the domestic broker, and that in turn – to customs body. However, according to participants of an exhibition, for the present time this scheme is not worked out up to the end. Now it is applied only for import to Russia from Baltic.
The director of State Unitary Enterprise «Customs broker» has been also included in Dniester delegation. He took part in negotiations with the head of the largest warehouse of time storage. During business contacts questions of interaction between Russian and Dniester brokers and possibilities of carrying out of training of experts in customs registration of State Unitary Enterprise were discussed.
One more important direction studied by residents of Transdniestria within the limits of the Moscow trip, has been connected with process of stage-by-stage carrying over of customs registration of cargoes in a regime «release for internal consumption» to areas approached to borders of the Russian Federation, and within the limits of it introduction of preliminary informing is. We will remind that in the end of August the Board of Federal customs service of the Russian Federation took place on which the Concept of carrying over of customs registration into external borders has been accepted. The Concept main objective is on the one hand maintenance of economic safety of the Russian Federation, and on the other hand – formation and distribution of transport commodity streams in interests of Russia. Process is planned to break into two stages, having finished it by 2011. A carrying over of customs registration from Moscow, Moscow Region, and St.-Petersburg will be the first stage (2008-2009). According to participants of an exhibition, such approach is justified, at first frequently the goods are delivered to Moscow where they are passed through customs clearing, and then again they are delivered on regions. However, now the basic problem in realization of this concept is shortage of skilled personnel and undeveloped frontier infrastructure.
In a context of harmonization of the Dniester legislation with Russian special attention members of Dniester delegation have turned on process of gradual transition from 10-unit classification of the commodity nomenclature (Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Trade Activities) to 14-unit in the Russian Federation. It will allow the information on the declared goods in the coded kind to detail, in particular, influencing on its customs cost, and it, in turn, will promote automation of processes of check of the Cargo Customs Declaration and realization of monitoring and analysis of the information declared at declaring to customs body. So, since January, 1st, 2009 concerning a number of commodity groups (metal, wood, fish, flowers, fruit) it is necessary to specify in column 33 of the customs declaration besides a 10-unit code also a 4-unit code according to the departmental qualifier of the additional customs information.
Perfection of an order of declaring of the goods by entering of the specified changes will promote acceleration of check of the cargo customs declaration and, thus, it will allow time for carrying out of customs registration and the customs control to reduce. The given innovation will allow experience for the purpose of working out of approaches to development Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Trade Activities of Russia towards its more detailed elaborations to store. And, as consequence, this innovation will allow economic safety of the country and protection of interests of participants of foreign trade activities to provide more reliable, and also (in case of introduction of this system in DMR) will become the important step on a way of harmonization of the Dniester legislation with Russian.
Production of firm “Dintag” (Finland) aroused the particular interest in visitors and participants of an exhibition. The offered on-line anti-counterfeit system by developers is based on marks of brand products (and their packages) by the multilayered labels-dintegami containing concealment unique identification numbers, checked through the Internet or a mobile phone. It is enough to buyer to remove a protective film and to enter a code being under it into a window on a special site. In the answer the client immediately receives the information with the name of the protected goods, its manufacturer and packaging, or receives the message on a counterfeit. Thus, the given label not only will protect from counterfeit production, but also it will be some kind of the conformity certificate, and also qualities of the goods.
Participation of representatives of customs service of DMR in International exhibition the 9-th became not only interesting, but also useful because it has allowed to define the next directions in the further work on the organization and perfection of reliable and uninterrupted activity of customs bodies of the DMR, in the decision of the important external economic problems on the basis of association of efforts of customs bodies and representatives of Dniester and foreign business.

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