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How to export art objects of no cultural value

How to export art objects of no cultural value

Movement of cultural goods across the customs border is strictly controlled by the state and is aimed at protecting cultural and historical heritage of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. However, travelers and guests often buy and export objects of modern art that are not classified as cultural values. What can customs officers ask on exportation in case of doubt and what documents are required?

Культурные-ценности-1000Under the Law of the PMR on importation and exportation of cultural values Customs Service fulfills function of State control over movement of cultural heritage and ensures the compliance with restrictions on exportation of cultural property and atrworks.

For unimpeded exportation from the territory of the Republic of art objects of no cultural value, travelers are required to confirm the fact that the exported item is not classified as cultural property. Such a proof for customs authority is the resolution of the State Service for Culture and Historical Heritage of PMR. This document is issued free of charge after expert appraisal of the art object.

The exististing procedure allows that a traveler himself or an author of artwork (for instance, painter, sculptor) may apply for this resolution. But it is important to consider that in case if the resolution has been issued in the name of the author of the picture, but it is the traveler who exports this picture customs officer will also ask the traveler to produce the document confirming the change of ownership (sale receipt, the simple contract of sale, gift contract and others).

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