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The main tasks of the SCC are stipulated in the program of the service’s development 2006-2008, including the development of customs infrastructure. The leaders of SCC give much attention this work direction. Because the effective work of the employees depends not only from correspondence of customs check-points to the international requirements. In response to the political situation around Dniester Moldavian Republic (DMR), the factor of customs services meeting to the international requirements gains the political importance.
Within the limits of stipulated program the works, concerning the building of the customs modules, supplied with modern computer and office equipment, modern software,  computer and radio communication system, as well as the technical means of customs control realization, including the radiating control are held on the customs check-points “Blizhnij Hutor” and “ Malaeshty” of the customs house of town Tiraspol.
All these actions are directed on the effective system’s control forming on the boundaries and simultaneously on simplification and unification of customs procedures. Besides, being spent course by SCC on modern customs infrastructure forming will allow to make conditions in Transdniestria, promoting of foreign trade circulation.

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