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International trade for 9 Months of 2015: challenges and results

State Customs Committee of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic analyzed the activity for 9 months of the current year. The reporting period passed in conditions of hard challenges relating to hampered foreign trade by Ukraine and Moldova. These sanctions could not but influenced on foreign trade turnover of Pridnestrovie. It decreased almost by quarter against the same period of 2014.

As analytics note, the import volume decreased by 26%.


The same index but excluding import of natural gas decreased by 37%. A considerable reduction in imports of tobacco and its industrial substitutes, meat and variety meat, wood and woodwork registered in total volume of imported goods.


At the same time the export volume of goods dropped by 18%. With regard to categories of goods the import of ferrous metals, ore, slag and ashes, as well as dairy products reduced.


During the reporting period a certain drop (by 8%) was fixed in business activity of economic operators involved into import/export transactions.


At this juncture analytics of the State Customs Committee of Pridnestrovie have predicted decrease of collected customs payments. And in 2015 the transferred sum to the State Revenue was 46% less against the same period of 2014. However, customs bodies have been able to cope with plan target on assessment to budget for the time being. The annual plan of incomes of the State Customs Committee (established by the Ministry of Finance of PMR) for 9 months of 2015 is completely fulfilled.

This was fostered by customs bodies’ efforts including effectively organized administration of customs payments, development of information technologies, optimization of risk management system, application of post-clearance customs control in combination with law-enforcement activity. It should be noted that the percentage of customs payments in consolidated budget is 35%. Therefore the leadership of the State Customs Committee especially places emphasis on business entities’ efforts towards developing their foreign trade activity even in crisis situation.

Meanwhile one cannot but note that preferential conditions were actively used by Pridnestrovian enterprises. Within 9 months of 2015 the state granted duty and excise benefits to the amount of USD 13.6 mln. This sum increased 2.7% as much against the same period of 2014 (USD 5.1 mln).E5

In whole customs burden on Pridnestrovian businesses reduced from 4% to 3% in this year.

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