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International standards – are rather expansive conception, being a part of everyday life activity. It is necessary to take into account all aspects to meet the requirements. While their implementing into the system of Transdniestrian customs bodies, the board of State Customs Committee of Dniester Moldavian Republic (SCC of DMR) is confident that in this business is important everything, especially if we speak about the legal side. Therefore the specialists of SCC approach a question of taking out a license for the full-dress uniform of employees of customs bodies in a view of the international requirements connected with the recognition of the results of intellectual activity and manners of individualization. To speak other words, SCC became a patent-owner of the industrial sample “Winter uniform and head-dress”, having got for it a license in the Ministry of Justice of DMR. To design the departmental cloths (special and uniform) for any of power structure – it is not idle time business.
It means both scientific-research and the developmental works with the home and foreign experience, own innovations, being able to provide the complex solution of problems on making of common uniform style, being typical for concrete department; clothes design on certain size-growth scale of typical figures in view of typology of employees of concrete department; on formation of complete methodology of constructive construction of all collection of products, etc…
SCC took out a patent for this factory-made sample in accordance with the patent law of DMR by this way, registered its own rights to this model of uniform, which are the subject of the law. In accordance with the law: “The patent certifies the priority, authorship of the factory-made samples and the exclusively right of the patent-owner to its usage”.  

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