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Employees of branch on the struggle against contraband of Dubossary customs conducted an operation on detention of the citizens who are drugs smuggler through the Transdniestrian-Moldavian border.
Man and young woman turned out, they directed their steps to the territory of Moldova through a dam of Dubossary Hydropower station. But the couple failed to cross the border. They have been detained by representatives of customs bodies of Transdniestria.
During personal examination of the man, which was taken place on Dubossary customs, four polyethylene packages were retrieved from his shirt and two paper parcels – from pockets of jeans trousers. At their opening the milled dried pile of vegetable origin and of grey-green color, to external signs it is similar to narcotic “marihuana”, was revealed. The total quantity was about 200 grams. The detained person tried to compose more or less truthful explanation, having told that last year he collected a hemp near a house, dried it up, packed it in packages and dug them, having kept in such kind just in case. Just in day of detention the man has ostensibly decided to go to the wood located on the Moldavian side, he wanted to burn narcodope. Not only customs officers, but also the citizen did not believe in truthfulness of this fascinating history. At a preliminary investigation stage all signs of crime stipulated by Criminal Code of Dniester Moldavian Republic part 2, article 185 – contraband of narcotics, namely their smuggling passing the customs supervision, have been already revealed.
Within the limits of brought criminal case towards the resident of the town of Dubossary in a place of his residence the inspectors of the department on the struggle against contraband searched in the presence of witnesses. In a personal room of the detained person, on the heating furnace, in a box from mobile phone Nokia, paper parcel and polyethylene package, similar to earlier found out, were revealed. There was a marihuana in them also. The total weight of narcodope was about 50 grams. Signs of the crime were seen in act of the given citizen stipulated by Criminal Code of Dniester Moldavian Republic part 1, article 226 – illegal purchase and storage of narcotics in a large scale.
Both criminal cases are in manufacture in which course the hole criminal chain of the narcotraffic and specific goals which were pursued by detained persons will be established.

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