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More than half ton of ethyl alcohol was intercepted by customs officers of Bendery Customs House at the point of entry “Varnitsa” (Transdniestrian-Moldavian border).
In the time of rush hour traffic the minibus registered in the Republic of Moldova entered the customs check point, said the officer of department on struggle against smuggling Dmitry Ulanov. The vehicle looked like a passenger bus, but seats were removed. When performing customs control the line inspector smelt an alcohol on the minibus. Having looked carefully, the officer noticed transparent liquid dripping down from the bottom of the car. After precise customs examination customs officers have established that the driver’s footboard could be easily undone under which the filler neck of the concealed tank was situated. Here there was a hose to bleed contraband liquid.
The department on struggle against smuggling of Bendery Customs House is investigating this case. But it’s clear now that offenders committed this act intentionally, having used such sophisticated way to conceal smuggled goods as a specially made hiding place. Technological features of the vehicle made the concealed tank absolutely unnoticeable at visual control.
It’s also clear that contraband alcohol was manufactured in the Republic of Moldova, and its quality is quite questionable, that can harm consumers’ health. Alcohol substitutes are usually used to produce counterfeit goods, which have harmful effect for hundreds of people.

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