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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADetection of the facts related to the light drugs facilities of photogenus origin moving from Moldova to Russia and Ukraine became an every day occurrence for a long time. Neither for the Ukrainian, nor for Russia low-enforcement bodies it`s not a secret, that the citizens of some Moldavian villages, stuck in unemployment earn their living not just by the internal organs selling, but also growing the hemp and poppy for drugs production – in the main marijuana and poppy-straw.
But, in accordance with the last messages of the Ukrainian official web site of the State Customs Service the direction of the Moldavian narcotraffic is in full swing, being a new kind of photogenous origin drugs (hashish), which is more seriously and dangerous for people health. It`s produced from Indian hemp, in a pressed powder- like form, and as a rule it`s used for smoking. Materials contain in the hashish cause narcotic intoxication, which is expressed in an euphoria state or, on the contrary, braking of the psyche of the person up to the lost of bearing. Tiredness, paranoia, mental disease are results of hashish overdose. Thought, Moldavian narcodeallers planed to regale Russia people by this “food”. On the customs check-point (CCP) “Ovruch” of customs house of town Zhitomersk narcotic mass was revealed while the checking of the train “Kishinev-St. Petersburg” direction. (But, as it generally known, in accordance with the decision of the official Kishinev the long distance trains don`t drive into the Transdniestria territory).
In a storage space behind the floor pan, covering the steam-heat pipes the customs officers revealed 3 packets of the brown color with the pressed and scrambled up plants in a total weight about 1,5 kgs and 2 packets with the scrambled up plants of the green color (preliminary-marijuana) by weighting 100 grams. The owner’s personality is not identified.  The substance was withdrawn and sent to chemical-biological expertise.
At the same day on the CCP “Konotop” of the customs house of town Gluhovsk (Sumsk region) the Ukrainian customs officers revealed 7 cellophane packets with scrambled up plants of the green color (preliminary-marijuana) while the checking of the train “Kishinev-Moscow” direction. The total weight made up about 1,5 kgs. They were revealed in the inter-ceiling space one of the carriage. And as it happened in the case mentioned above the owner’s personality was not identify. In accordance with the Ukrainian customs statistics the narcodeallers, following from Kishinev use different secret places for moving of their mortal cargoes in the carriages and passengers busses. That’s why it`s very difficult to reveal then among the law-ability citizens. But, there can be no doubt for the Ukrainian and Russia customs officers in a real source of narcodelivers. 

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