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New X-ray equipment introduced at the customs checkpoint “Post Office”

New X-ray equipment introduced at the customs checkpoint “Post Office”

X-ray scanning equipment was put up into exploitation in the customs control zone of the checkpoint “Post Office” of the Tiraspol Customs House. It is used for non-intrusive inspection of international mail deliveries. The launch of X-ray intrascope became another step forward in technical support for customs procedures and introduction of up-to-date technical means of customs control.

As the Head of the State Customs Committee of the PMR Vitaly Nyagu noted, the need for the X-ray equipment was long overdue at the customs check point “Post Office” because of the increased number of international mail deliveries year in year out. “We are obliged to create favorable conditions for simplification and speeding up of customs procedures with simultaneous enhancing the efficiency of customs control”, Mr. Nyagu emphasized during the procedure of launching the new equipment.

The scanning machine is a highly effective space-saving X-ray inspection system. Its analogs operate in over 3 000 check points all over the world, including at the Pridnestrovian border. Vitaly Nyagu also said that introduction of up-to-date technical means of customs control is the requirement of international customs standards. The application of such technical means of customs control reduces the time required for checks, detects concealed items, provides complete information on goods while keeping packages unopened.

Last year the number of imported and exported international mail deliveries came close to a half a million. For the first quarter of 2018 postal workers and customs officers witnessed an increased workload against the same period of the previous year. Due to the improved technical equipment their cooperative efforts will be more efficient.

Technical means of customs control used by Pridnestrovian customs officers prevent drugs, weapon and ammunition, other prohibited items from entering the territory of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

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