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According to the data of Ministry of Economics of Dniester Moldavian Republic, on the results for first quarter 2008 export of goods has increased on 44,5 percent, and import – on 52,2 percent in comparison with a relevant period of last year. Constantly increasing volumes of goods traffic and also  volume of passenger traffic through customs frontier of Dniester Moldavian Republic inevitably lead to increase in the risks interfaced to illicit displays.
It is not surprising that operative conditions in zones of activity of customs bodies of DMR are noted by growth of quantity of offences in the customs sphere which are revealed by employees of the divisions of the State customs committee.
From the beginning of a current year customs bodies has excited 45 criminal cases on the facts of contraband of narcotic substances and strong medicines, large sums of money, ferrous and non-ferrous metals scrap. It is remarkable that at summarizing of work of divisions of the law-enforcement block of State Customs Committee of DMR for first quarter of 2008 the quadruple increase in the revealed facts of illegal movement of fire-arms through the customs border of DMR has been established. And the quantity of the revealed facts of contraband of narcotic substances and strong psychotropic preparations has increased in comparison with the similar period of last year in 3,4 times.
Struggle against such actions is one of priority directions of work in activity of customs service of our republic, first of all, owing to special danger of similar crimes to community and realization of complex approach to fulfillment of the international programs of counteraction to terrorism and the narcotraffic.
The basic source of deliveries of the narcodope getting on the territory of Dniester region is frontier areas of Republic of Moldova as before. Transdniestrian customs officers in counteraction to the narcotraffic use all spectrum of accessible methods, up to application of guard dogs thanks to which during customs supervision realization this sort of facts are regularly elicited. Considering growth of efficiency of activity of a dog group management on struggle against the State Customs Committee of DMR contraband, the use of guard dogs in the process of search of drugs is recognized by one of perspective.
According to analysts of divisions of the law-enforcement block of the State Customs Committee, the crimes connected with contraband of drugs, are presented in Dniester region by exclusively one group classified as non-system contraband which means transit of small, measured in several grams, party of narcotics and psychotropic substances by single persons or by the small groups acted at own risk. On delivery to destination the goods are usually sold to bulk dealer. The finding of them is carried out through related, associated and ethnic communications of drug trafficker. Quite often drugs of vegetable origin are purchased by criminals for private use on territory of Moldova.

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