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Four pneumatic pistols, hidden from customs, control were revealed by the employees of the customs check-point (CCP) “Pervomaysk” of the customs house of town Tiraspol in a “Mazda” car, following from the Ukraine to Moldova Republic. They were revealed by Vladimir Tabak, the linear inspector of the CCP “Pervomaysk”. As he later told the gun-case, being revealed in the cabin’s car gave rise to doubt, concerning the weapon’s presence in it. That’s why the transport vehicle was carefully examined.  After it customs officer`s suspicions were proved. The pistols were hidden under the back seats of vehicle so the revealing of it was impossible. Also there were two units of weapon, being bolted to the seat’s bracket.
As the defendant later explained, being the owner one of the Kishinev gun-shop he resorted to the lies due to avoid some questions and difficulties dealing with weapon`s presence in his transport. The employees of CCP “Kuchurgany” of Ukraine customs house   didn`t reveal the hidden pistols during the customs control realization.
The cases on customs rules violation on two articles of Customs Code are drawn up regarding the weapons` owners. Also the fact, connected with not declaring of goods during Transdnistrian customs border passing was formed. Besides pistols in a car, there were a hundred gas-cylinders and different attributes to their usage revealed. All these goods were undeclared to customs body in accordance with customs legislation’s requirements.

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