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Simplified procedure for importing foreign currency cash

Simplified procedure for importing foreign currency cash

The State Customs Committee of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic informs foreign guests about new simplified rules on importing foreign currency cash to Pridnestrovie.

In accordance with the Regulation of the State Customs Committee №269 of 07.07.2017, foreign physical persons are allowed to import an unlimited amount of foreign currency cash or cheques in foreign currency without having to declare it in writing. They can make a declaration to customs officers orally or by walking through a «green channel» which means that the person has nothing to declare.

Foreign persons may declare imported foreign cash in written form if they wish, without paying customs clearance charges.

However the State Customs Committee draws travelers’ attention to the cases when imported foreign currency cash and cheques in foreign currency are intended for further exportation (as well as transit).

The existing customs rules require to declare in writing exported foreign currency cash and cheques in foreign currencу in amount exceeding 1 000 USD and present documents that prove the way of obtaining the money (import customs declaration or certificate issued by an authorized bank on withdrawal foreign cash from an account or purchasing it in bank).

Thus in cases of further exportation of imported foreign cash or transit, the written declaration of sums exceeding 1000 USD is recommended on import.

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