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Small business and Customs

Small business and Customs
a4Small business development in Transdniestria is one of vital issues for discussion in higher levels of power. Representatives of state power in collaboration with Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Transdniestria have done a great deal to build an efficient system for small business state support in Transdniestrian Moldavian Republic. There are all required preconditions for its successful development, including legislative ones. Last year the Law On approval of State Program for small business development and support, and principal measures of its implementation for 2010-2012 was adopted in Transdniestria.
Among measures to fulfill this Program, enhancement of customs procedures and speeding up of documents circulation when clearing raw materials, equipment imported by enterprises which have their own technological cycle and use imported raw materials, equipment, etc., has been named. The purpose of these actions which Customs Service of Transdniestria was instructed to carry out is to conduct a policy aimed at creation of stable conditions and facilities for development of own manufacturing by small business entities.
It should be noted that the State Customs Committee of Transdniestria carries out work in this direction for years enhancing legal regulation, which is establishment of rules and procedures governing movement of goods and means of transport across the customs border of Transnistria. The priority in improvement of legislative base of the State Customs Committee is creation of norms promoting simplification and speeding up of customs procedures and enhancement of efficiency of customs control.
In 2010 Regulation on application of temporary, incomplete and periodic goods declarations was developed and now is successfully implementing allowing economic operators to cut time required for performance of customs procedures. Goods declaration completion rules were improved that facilitate declaration completion procedure and its checking to establish authenticity of particulars declared. As a result, this procedure comes into line with EU and CIS norms and standards.
One of the novations of 2010 relating to legal regulation is entering into force of Regulation on customs examination of goods and means of transport. It ensured the legal basis for application of principle of selectiveness in customs control and promoted reducing time for its performing.
For purposes of enhancing the efficiency of customs clearance and customs control over goods and means of transport moved across the customs border of Transdniestria, the State Customs Committee approved the List of decisions and explanations concerning classification of some goods in accordance with Goods Nomenclature of Foreign Trade Activity, brought into compliance with Russian goods nomenclature thanks to initiatives of Customs Service.
The procedure for registration of economic operators in customs bodies of Transdniestria was revised and brought into compliance with requirements of existing legislation of the republic. The ultimate purpose of this mechanism is simplification of customs clearance procedure and customs control performance over goods and means of transport carried across the customs border of Transdniestria.
The efficiency of work carried out by the State Customs Committee in order to create most favored treatment to foreign trade in Transdniestria has increased over the past years, including thanks to productive cooperation between customs bodies of Transdniestria and representatives of domestic business in the framework of Public Advisory Council on customs policy under the State Customs Committee. The Council helped to build up the constructive dialogue aimed at ensuring of economic interests of the state and creation of optimal conditions for entrepreneurial activity and foreign trade activity.
The work of the State Customs Committee on fulfilling measures stipulated by the State Program for small business development and support in Transdniestria will be continued; it comes into line with implementation of Program for development of customs bodies of Transdniestria.

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