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Strong medications seized by customs officers

Strong medications seized by customs officers

Customs officers of Dubossary Customs House seized more than 60 pills containing strong substances when examined foreign-registered vehicle. The pills’ owner made his way to Ukraine through the customs check point “Novy Goyan”.

During customs control the man was asked to declare bringing goods including weapon and ammunition, narcotic and strong substances, but he responded that he had nothing to declare.

When checking the declared information customs officers revealed inside the bag with personal effects 28 pills of “Clonareks” containing strong substance “clonazepam”, 23 pills of “Lexotan” containing strong substance “bronazepam”, and 10 pills of “Xanax” containing strong substance “clonazepam”.

The traveler’s actions were qualified as customs offence – concealment of medications restricted for movement across the customs border. Upon this case preliminary investigation is carried out, on the basis of its results criminal proceeding could be instituted on the fact of smuggling of strong substances.

In this connection the State Customs Committee reminds travelers the basic requirements on importing medications for personal use. The first one is the obligatory declaration in written form or orally.  The second one is submission of documents confirming the receipt of drugs such as medical prescriptions, medical records, doctor’s certificate with indication of diagnosis, dosage of the medication certified by doctor’s signature and personal seal, as well as by signature of person in charge and round seal of medical institution.

Following this customs rules will help travelers to avoid problems when crossing the border with medications restricted for importation. The same requirements are applied in most countries all over the world.

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