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Temporary admission of vehicle: guidelines for travellers

Temporary admission of vehicle: guidelines for travellers

Travellers are permitted to temporary import vehicles registered in their home countries for their own private use under simplified procedure and without written declaration to Customs. Here are some tips to ensure there will be no issues while travelling by car to Pridnestrovie.

  1. Make a declaration by action on entering. Declare your vehicle to Customs at points of entry to Pridnestrivie (at border crossing points): present to Customs officer your car for inspection and submit the required documents:
  • foreign passport or other identity documents indicating nationality and place of residence of a person, consular registration;
  • vehicle registration certificate or a substitute document;
  • documents confirming residence or temporary stay in the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and the period of such residence or temporary stay;
  • documents confirming the right to use means of transport.

Please note! Travellers are not required to complete customs declaration form for temporary admission of vehicle.

  1. Determine a period of temporary stay in Pridnestrovie (the allowed maximum for temporary admission of vehicles is 180 days, but this period can be extended) and pay a vignette charge.

The amount of the vignette charge depends on the declared period of temporary admission of vehicle with foreign registration plates. The vignette is paid upon entry to Pridnestrovie at border crossing points in national currency (PMR roubles) or in foreign currencies rated by the Pridnestrovian Republican Bank (currency exchange rates https://www.cbpmr.net/?lang=en).


Temporary admission period

Vignette charge

7 days 58 PMR roubles
15 days 116 PMR roubles
30 days 232 PMR roubles
90 days 362.50 PMR roubles
180 days 652.50 PMR roubles


  1. Keep the receipt confirming payment of vignette charge in your vehicle during the whole period of your stay in Pridnestrovie and present it to Customs when leaving.
  2. Do not use temporary imported vehicle for passenger and cargo transport services and other types of commercial activity in the territory of Pridnestrovie.
  3. Do not transfer your vehicle to other persons for driving or for other purposes, with the exception of:
  • husband or wife and close relatives;
  • for purposes of maintenance, repair (excluding major repairs and upgrading) and/or storage.
  1. Re-export the vehicle before the expiry of the temporary admission period authorized by Customs.


For more information, please visit “Travellers. Temporary admission of vehicles”.

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