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The struggle against various kinds of contraband, including connected with illegal moving through border of DMR of fire-arms and ammunition, remains one of priority directions in work of staff of customs bodies of Transdniestria.
The employees of Dubossary customs with perfect constancy find out the weapon and ammunition which are not declared according to requests of legislation at the citizens moving through the border of our republic in a zone of activity of given structural division of State customs committee of DMR. The next incident has occurred on customs check point «the Dubossy bridge» during customs supervision realizing over a means of transport which was moved from Moldova to the territory of Transdniestria.
During customs supervision realizing, as the linear inspector of Customs check point told subsequently, it was offered to declare goods, weapon, ammunition and etc. to the citizen following in the car but he refused. However during customs examining the pistol of mark “Makarov” with three cartridges in a holder has been found out in man purse.
The owner of this pistol explained the fact of its illegal moving through the border by his forgetfulness and then he explained that the presence of the weapon is necessary for him, as he does business and often carries great sums of money. At the same time the detained person, the citizen of Moldova, tried to use cunning having concealed from customs officers that in its car there is also a packing of hunting cartridges in the quantity of 15 pieces. However at the check of the declared data all secrets became obvious, and in this case it was hardly probable to explain the memory blackouts. In the action of detained person the signs of crime qualified by article 185 of Criminal codec of DMR as contraband have been seen.
It seems that problems with memory became distinctive feature of holders of the fire-arms living on the territory of Moldova. Similar incident has occurred on check point “Vadul-luj-Vode” of Dubossary customs. At the check of the data declared by the inhabitant of Beltsy, moving to Dubossary, in a compartment of armrest of his car customs officers have revealed 18 cartridges of calibre of 9 mm and 10 cartridges to the rifled sports and hunting gun concerning a category of ammunition. Answering questions of Transdniestrian customs officers, the detained person declared: he did not know that passing through a check point actually he moved through border. Probably, under impression of the unexpected opening that borders exist all the same, the detained citizen could not hide his indignation, having passed on increased tone in conversation with representatives of customs service.
As a result this resident of Beltsy has appeared the main figurant in criminal case. In total for last year Dubossary customs officers excited 4 criminal cases on the facts of contraband of fire-arms and ammunition and also 11 criminal cases – in connection with illegal moving of narcotic substances through the Transdniestrian border.

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