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Tiraspol customs officers seized 3 tonnes of ethyl alcohol

Tiraspol customs officers seized 3 tonnes of ethyl alcohol

Operatives of department on combatting customs offences of Tiraspol customs house detained a vehicle which moved away from established customs check points from Moldova to Pridnestrovie. Two men attempted to import illegally to PMR more than 3 tonnes of ethyl alcohol produced in neighboring state.

The vehicle was stopped on the rural road after high speed chase. Operative officers of Tiraspol customs house noted that over a period of two months they had been collecting information on a certain organized group of people involved into alcohol smuggling from the Republic of Moldova. The route scheme of illegal cars was mapped, an approximate points of their movement were established. The alcohol traffic ran in different hours of day along rural roads away from established customs check points.

It’s notable that everyone from organized criminal group accurately performed its own role, the participants were equipped with appropriate communication facilities. Thus customs officers discovered in the compartment of the vehicle portable radio transmitters, illuminators and other equipment. Preliminary investigation is ongoing now to establish all persons involved into illegal alcohol traffic, and to bring them to book.

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