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Goods declaration

Instructions for completing goods declaration form

1. Goods declaration shall be completed before producing goods and items to Customs by goods owner or authorized person on every time when crossing the border and shall be certified with the signature of goods owner or authorized person.

2. Goods declaration shall be completed by persons aged 16 and over. The information on goods of persons under 16 shall be specified in goods declaration by persons accompanying them.

3. The declarant shall be held responsible to the Customs for the accuracy and authenticity of the particulars given in the goods declaration.

4. Goods declaration shall have all questions answered by crossing the boxes with appropriate word “Yes” or “No”. Particulars not fitted into one declaration form may be indicated in additional forms where the particulars of the item 1 must be specified again. Places and columns not used shall be crossed out.

5. Particulars provided for item 1 shall be indicated in accordance with passport or any other identity card.

6. Information on goods and articles indicated in items 3.1 and 4.1 shall include, if possible, distinctive features of goods declared, material they were made of, precious metal assay, color, shape, brand of merchandise. Price of goods declared shall be indicated in item 4.1 in US dollars or in national currency.

7. Goods declaration certified by customs officer shall be kept by goods owner for unimpeded importation or exportation of goods declared.

8. Not renewable in case of loss. The owner loses the right to transport freely goods specified in lost goods declaration.

Goods declaration form may be completed by hand or electronically.

The available elelectronic form facilitates customs procedures by allowing travellers to arrive at the border with completed goods declaration and save time during their journey.

One can download the declaration form, fill it in and print.

 Download goods declaration form

Please, note: Adobe Reader is required to view the downloaded file.

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