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Red and Green channels

All goods and vehicles carried across the customs border of Transdniestria must be declared to Customs. Travellers can declare their goods orally, in writing, or going through the green/red channels.

Travellers are allowed to make an oral declaration if they do not carry goods subject to declaring in writing.

 Use Green Channel:
  • if you don’t have goods to declare in writing;
  • if you don’t have goods exceeding duty-free allowances;
  • if you don’t have prohibited and restricted goods.



Checks on travellers passing through the green channel are carried out on a selective basis using risk management techniques.
 Use Red Channel:
  • if you have goods to declare in writing;
  • if you have goods that exceed duty-free allowances;
  • if you have prohibited or restricted goods;
  • if you want to declare goods that are not subject to declaring in writing;
  • if you are not sure about what you need to declare.


Travellers passing through the red channel must declare their goods in writing by completing declaration form (see Customs declaration).

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